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Welcome to Dancekool, the holy grail of all street dance in New South Wales. Founded in 2002 as the first street dance studio of Sydney, we pride ourselves in providing the finest instructors who are authentic and are true pioneers in their expertise of dance. This is why our slogan has always been, 'Real Styles, Real Hip Hop!'

With 4 locations situated in Sydney, Eastwood, Granville and Fairfield.  Our unrivalled hi-tech city studio offers over 12 styles of dance suitable for all people from absolute beginner to the seasoned professional. Look at our timetable to see our flourishing range of styles, there is bound to be a class or a course for you at Dancekool!

We offer both private and group lessons with prices starting from as little as $10 per class – and we even offer unlimited weekly and monthly passes for those who want to try out our suite of different styles. In addition to individual classes, we also offer a wide range of courses to suit dancers of all ages and levels. Our ever-popular courses include:

Breathtaking entertainment

Dancekool has a large talent pool of professional dancers and choreographers that can provide entertainment for your occasion – from weddings and anniversaries through to birthdays, hen’s nights, corporate events, celebrations, television and film. We’re able to customise our shows to suit your event, bringing energy and entertainment to every occasion. We’re also able to offer private lessons and dance workshops as an event activity, and can even provide you with the training required to perform at you own event!

We also run or are heavily involved with many dance events throughout the year to nurture and expand the hip-hop community across the greater Sydney area. These events are a platform for all dancers, choreographers, B-boys, MCs and other Hip Hop artists. Through Dancekool you can keep in the loop or even participate in these events.

What is Hip Hop?

If you’re new to the world of hip hop, you may be wondering exactly what it is!

A central part of hip hop culture, hip hop dance refers to the dance styles performed primarily to music of the same name. Emerging from the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s, this dance style began on the streets; unlike most other dance styles, it was not developed in a studio. New moves were created and learnt on the streets where dance crews often ‘battled’ each other. Virtually every dance move you see today has its roots firmly planted in the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Fresno and other part of the United States.

Originally, there were three main styles: breaking, locking and popping. These styles were developed around the same time by different dance crews across America. Although they vary stylistically, each shares similar street origins and are improvisational by nature. It’s the ‘freestyle’ aspect of hip hop that distinguishes it from other forms of dancing; traditionally, dancers improvise as they go.

Popularised by the original dance crews and then by television and film, hip hop eventually found its way into the professional dance industry. Studio styles were developed, making it possible to create choreographed routines – and these styles often merged classic and new style moves.

Today, hip hop is performed both as entertainment and as a hobby. Professional dancers and children around the world learn how to break, pop and lock like the American street crews. People dance for many reasons: for fun and fitness, to enjoy the social aspect, to compete and even to earn a living. Hip hop dancing has well and truly reached the mainstream – providing Australians of all ages with the opportunity to take part in this fun and exciting culture.

Here at Dancekool, our studio blends new style and classic moves to deliver dance classes you’re bound to enjoy!

Unleash your passion

We believe in the four F's – Friendly, Fun, Fitness & Freedom! In Dancekool we provide a friendly environment for all whilst having fun, getting fit and feeling free as you learn the culture of hip hop!

For more details on our hip hop dancing for kids, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0451 821 982 or 0450 602 236. When it comes to dance classes in Sydney, there’s no better studio than Dancekool!

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Class Timetables




Kids Breaking (course)BeginnerHideboo
4:30pmHip Hop (course)Under 5 years oldHideboo
5:30pmWaacking - Catwalk & PosesBasicKaren
5:30pmHip Hop - Rhythm and GroovesBasicChizuru
6:30pmHip Hop - Rhythm and GroovesBasicMasaki
6:30pmWaacking - Techniques OpenKaren
7:30pmUrban ChoreographyBeginner / IntermediateLenny Boi
7:30pmPoppingBeginnerJohann Jong
8:30pmBreakingBeginner / IntermediateHideboo


* Instructors and Classes Timetable Changes may occur without notice, please check Dancekool Facebook pages for upto date info.
* Free Kids Trial Class Every Saturday at 11AM – Booking required*
Kid’s Course – Introduction to Hip Hop



4:30pmJunior Hip HopJunior 5-12 years oldKaren

Locking Nai

6:30pmHip HopBeginner/IntermediateKaren Siu
6:30pmStreet JazzBeginnerKaterina
7:30pmJFHBeginnerLionel Lye
8:30pmUrban Hip HopOpenJet


5:30pmHip Hop GroovesBasicJessica L.


6:30pmHip Hop Grooves - New ClassBeginnerShin
7:30pmHip Hop GroovesBeginnerPraiz
8:30pmHip Hop ChoreographyOpenPraiz
8:30pmHip Hop Grooves & ChoreographyOpenLeo


4:00pmBreaking Course: JuniorUnder 12 years oldKaren Booking Required
4:30pmHip Hop Course: JuniorBasicKaren Booking Required
5:30pmHip Hop GroovesBasicKaren
5:30pm Hip Hop Intro Course 1 Starting 07/10/2016Basic 
6:30pmDancehall Grooves Returns in 2017BasicKaren
6:30pmHip Hop Grooves Open Natural
7:30pmTwerking 6 Weeks Course Starting 5 AugustBeginnersReRe
9:30pmBBOY JAMOpen-


10:00amKids Course Level 1Under 12 years oldBooking Required
11:00amKids Course Level 1Under 12 years oldBooking Required
12:00pmKids Course Open LevelOpen LevelBooking Required
12:00pmKids Course DKJ TrainingOpen LevelBooking Required
1:30pmHip HopBeginnerKaren Siu
3:30pm Breaking: Top Rock Beginner Hideboo
4:30pm10 Weeks Intro to Street Dance CourseBasic starting 24/09/2016 Booking Required


* Free Kids Trial Class Every Saturday at 11AM – Conditions applies  and booking required*


2:00pmHouse - FusionBeginner/IntermediateKaterina
4:00pmGirls Hip HopBeginnerChristine


Time Style Level Instructor
Bboy Sam


Time Style Level Instructor
4:30pm Hip Hop Dance for Kids - Level 2 Kids: Booking required Karen Sui
5:30pm Breaking Basic BBoy Joker
6:30pm Hip Hop Basic Karen Siu
7:30pm <> <>


Time Style Level Instructor
7:00pm Urban Hip Hop Beginner Lisa


Studio available for hire




Studio available for hire


3:45pmKids Hip HopBasicKaren Sui
4:15pmHip HopBeginnerKaren Sui


Price is effective as of January 2017

Concession Rate

Single Class


10 Classes


20 Classes


Adult Rate

Single Class


10 Classes


20 Classes


$10 class (with the purchase of a $50 5 lesson Pass)

10 Class Pass: 6 Month Expiry Period From Date of First Use
20 Class Pass: 1 Month Expiry Period From Date of First Use

Booking Instructions

DANCEKOOL Lesson Bookings

Bookings are now completed through the Mind Body App. Through the Mind body App you're able to view the available lessons and instantly book for a lesson. Follow the link below to download the Mind Body app. Create an account with Facebook or an email Address. MINDBODY – Book Fitness Classes and Beauty Services by MINDBODY Inc. https://appsto.re/au/SspgP.i On your first visit we will be able to add your voucher value to the mind body system.

For Class Passes: Email us today, or give us a call on 02 8971 5595, 0451 821 982 or 0450 602 236.

For Single Classes: Select your Dancekool location from below to go to the appropriate booking page.

Unlimited Weekly Membership Rate

This pass is for students who wish to take 4 or more classes a week.

This pass allows students to try all styles and take as many classes as they like, whilst having the comfort of paying a small weekly price rather than a large lump sum every month.

A minimum 4 Weeks Trial Period. The weekly fee is $70 per week ($280 for 4 weeks).
Members will be charged a weekly fee of $70 after the first 4 weeks.

Unlimited Monthly Passes Available, Pricing available upon request


Private Lessons

1 person: $100*
2 people: $150*
3 or more people: Negotiable

* Instructors and classes timetable changes may occur without notice, please check Dancekool Facebook pages for up to date info.

Payment is also available by cash and Paypal.

*Free Kids Trial Class Every Saturday at 11AM – Booking required

*Trial Lesson is $15 for each child. Fee is waived if you decide to purchase a 10 lesson pass at $300 on the same day as the trial lesson, plus a $50 off registration fee.
Kid’s Course – Introduction to Hip Hop
The studio is also available for hire for training yourself or your crew, or even have a small jam /cypher. Enquire now.


Meet our Instructors


Locations and Contact

Dancekool City

Level 1 / 93 Bathurst Street
Corner of Bathurst St and Kent Street
(Located Above Patagonia)
Sydney, NSW 2000

Dancekool Eastwood

(Dance Generation Studio)

Eastwood Community Hall
59-161 Shaftsbury Rd, Eastwood
NSW Australia

Dancekool Granville

1-3 Memorial Dr
Granville, NSW 2142 Australia

For Further enquiries click here to email Dancekool Studios, or give us a call on 02 8971 5595, 0451 821 982 or 0450 602 236.

Been here for over a year, and it's been amazing! I usually take breakdancing classes, and a few hip hop classes here and there to mix it up a bit. The teachers are very friendly and helpful that will work with whatever level you are at so they can break it down for you making it easier for you to learn! The atmosphere and environment is awesome, everyone is so friendly! I made a lot of friends from Dancekool and they are always so welcoming and nice. Would recommend!

- Jenny L.

Best studio in sydney !! Friendly staff and amazing teachers , everyone there is extremely supportive of one another it's like a second family there or even first for some :)
Offers beginners to open classes and has heaps of cheap deals for uni students.
Also they've moved to a newly built studio so it's nice and comfortable floorboards.
Would definitely recommend checking it out :)

- Jeremy T.

Absolutely enjoyed my class here! Will definitely visit again :) I felt a good mix of professionalism whilst also having a really fun time. Everyone (including the current/regular students) is super friendly. I hop dance studios regularly and dancekool is one of the best I have been too. 5/5

- Alex C.

Great place to learn dance! Offers a variety of Street styles that stay true to the origins and foundations of the dance. Great community too with lots of events and opportunities to practice your thing and probably the best floors in any dance studio to dance on! Very friendly and open to dancers of all levels. Most of the teachers are long time practitioners so they can guide you through foundations to be a confident dancer.

- Jackeline L.

I love Dancekool with all my heart, it's like our second home. Everyone is so nice especially Phi, Karen, Masaki and Hideboo. We love all the Teachers!

At Dancekool, I see my daughter Aleira feel so comfortable to come out of her shell. I see her talk to everyone like they're all her friends. Dancekool has helped her grow as a dancer and performer, and gain a lot of experience performing in front of many people. 
God bless DANCEKOOL <3

- Marilyn
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