Professional Hip Hop Dance Classes in Sydney

Have you ever wanted to learn to break, pop and lock? Do you want to become at one with the music? Are you looking for a fun, social way to stay fit and healthy?

Hip hop classes could be just what you’re looking for!

Here at Dancekool, we’re a hip hop institution. We live and breathe dance culture and are passionate about teaching killer moves to the next generation of stars. Bringing authentic moves from the streets to the studio, our experienced instructors cater to all ages and levels – whether you’re a complete beginner or someone with years of experience. When it comes to dancing, we believe in the four F’s – that is, Friendly, Fun, Fitness and Freedom!

We offer hip hop dance lessons in Sydney, Epping and Granville – meaning there’s sure to be a studio near you. With a wide range of courses on offer – as well as lessons from as little as $10 each – we offer something for everyone. Whether you want to become a professional dancer or simply want a fun, social way to get fit, Dancekool is your answer!

Where does hip hop originate?

Do you know where hip hop dance culture comes from?

Hip hop refers to a ‘street style’ of dance that is usually performed to a music genre of the same name. It incorporates a range of styles – including breaking, popping and locking – which emerged in the late 1960s to early 1970s and were made popular by American street dance crews of New York and California.

From a technical standpoint, this dance form is characterised by hard-hitting moves. Flexibility is essentially, as is the ability to perform isolations – that is, moving one specific part of your body separately to the rest. Most dancers keep their body loose, making it possible to alternate between ‘hitting the beat’ and ‘moving through the beat’. Hip hop is typically rhythmic and involves a lot of footwork – however musicality (how sensitive the dancer’s movements are to the music) is perhaps the most important aspect.

Unlike other forms of dance, hip hop evolved on the streets. Dancers formed ‘crews’, and these crews often faced off against each other in dance ‘battles’. It was this battle culture that pushed dancers to develop new moves and variations in style, always looking to go ‘one better’ than their opponents. Improvisational by nature, hip hop differs to other forms of dancing largely due to the fact that much of it is performed freestyle.

Later on, these dance styles were showcased in TV shows such as Soul Train and films such as Wild Style, Beat Street and Breakin’. It was during this time – the 1980s – where hip hop begun to garner mainstream exposure. Breaking, popping and locking gained popularity during the 80s, as did their derivative: social dancing. Social dancing was largely performed at parties and saw the rise of ‘novelty moves’ such as everyone’s favourite, ‘The Worm’!

At this point in time, dance studios began to respond to the craze. Most offered a commercial, studio-based version known as ‘New-Style’ – which was named after the New York style of dance they observed on the streets. Dance studios also offered hip hop-infused jazz dance known as ‘Jazz-Funk’. Street moves were channelled into studio styles by professional dancers, thus making it possible to choreograph visually exciting routines.

Hip hop’s commercialisation continued through the 1990s and into the turn of the century, with many television shows and movies based around the dance style. Today, hip hop moves can be found around the world, from the United States and Europe, throughout Asia and of course here in Australia. People perform this style of dance for fun, as a social pastime, for fitness, to compete and also as a profession.

While it’s become a staple in most dance institutions, hip hop can still be found at its urban origins – on the streets of neighbourhoods throughout the United States.

A style that evolves

Ultimately, we owe our killer moves to the American dance crews of the 1970s. Dancekool pays homage to these pioneers, whilst also incorporating a modern outlook. Hip hop as a dance style is forever evolving, yet its roots are never forgotten.

Our dance classes span the full spectrum of styles, from authentic ‘street moves’ to choreographed studio routines. Whether you want to learn how to break, lock and pop like the 1970s street crews or are interested in getting down to today’s freshest hip hop tunes, why not take a hip hop dance class in Sydney with Dancekool?

If you would like to join a class, please contact us today on 0430 522 876 or 0450 602 236.

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