Daryl Morante

Daryl Morante

Aka 'D.MO'

Dance Style
I teach Hip Hop Choreography infused with an array of dance forms I have learnt from my dance life, such as Hip Hop (Freestyle, Old, Middle, New School), Waacking, House, Dance-5 hall, Classical Indian / Bollywood, laze, Musical Theatre, K-Pop and Filipino Folk Dancing. The concoction of my dance knowledge makes for dynamic dance routines.

Dance Background

My parents said I was born for the stage and a naturally gifted dancer that defined the start of my dance career. I was never formally trained but copying all the moves from those music videos like many other 90s kids. I formed my own dance group called DOOISH that won several dance competitions in Brisbane. The years of 2007 to 2009 were my years of professional development. I taught countless dance classes, learnt from many high-end international choreographers and performed hundreds of shows building my repertoire as a teacher and dancer. I developed in the styles of Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Musical Theatre.

In 2010, I migrated to Sydney to continue my dance career. Here I built the quality of my resume as a performer traveling overseas, choreographing for big artists and numerous TV appearances. I continue to live the dream and strive for better things!

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Supporting act for Jason Derulo - Riding Solo Tour 2010
  • Movement Coach and Choreographer for X-Factor's boy group, 'The Collective'
  • Assisted in Choreography in SYTYCD for Bollywood duo 2014

Philosophy in Dance
'Once you find your passion in life, find a way to turn it into a profession.'

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
As a professional dancer, I want to give them little tips and tricks every time they come to class so that after a series of classes they are prepared to perform in the professional world. I believe in being a versatile dancer. If you are up for a challenge, want to be a good performer and be faster at picking up choreography, my class is recommended for you. I like to create a community and sense of belonging each time they step into my class.

Instagram: @lyrad_lauxes
Daryl Morante
Facebook: facebook.com/darylmo

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