Gracie Cht

Gracie Cht

Dance Background
My love for Asian Pop happened at a young age. Watching music videos from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong made me want to dance like them. I originally started dancing, during my early days of University, dabbling in different styles from Jazz, Hip Hop and playing all sorts of dance console games for fun! It was when I moved to Sydney in 2007, where I became more involved in the Street Dance scene and the concept of Freestyle.

From 2010 - 2012, I travelled to Japan and Korea to immerse myself in a different dance and work culture which has made me experience and gain many opportunities in learning about dance and seeing the differences between Australia and overseas. One of my prides is dancing with my girlfriends in our dance crew, Love D'fuse, which I am the leader. Love D'fuse is a dance crew made up of difference dance styles, dancing in our own interpretation of Asian Pop, which has been around since 2010. We have performed in many showcases around Sydney as well as with friends in South Korea.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Choreographer for City of Sydney Lunar New Year Twilight Parade
  • Jay Park Soulmanna Dance Contest Chosen Top 5 in Sydney Australia
  • Performances and event assistance for events from Korea Cultural Office Australia, SBS, PopAsia, TVB Australia, SQ Entertainment and JK Entertainment.

Philosophy in Dance
When people ask me what I am, I respond that I am a dancer. I refuse to lock myself into any style of dancing because at the end of the day we are all dancers and we are free to choose any styles we want to dance to. Remember to always have fun!

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I want students to be able to enjoy dancing to any type of music they want. With my teaching style, I like to point out the different dance styles used in music video choreography and break down certain moves. If my students like certain moves and styles, I want them to come out with some knowledge about the dance and the style they have just learnt in classes. The feeling of pure enjoyment and that they have learnt something is what I aim for at the end of my lessons.

Instagram: @CHT02
Twitter: @CHT02
YouTube: CHT02Dance

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