Jack Wardana

Jack Wardana

Aka 'Poppin Jack'

Dance Style
I have been dancing since I was very young, learning styles such as Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Locking, Breaking and Popping. I have been focused on Popping since 2002 and am passionate about teaching the style I love here at Dancekool.

Dance Background
I’ve always loved dancing while growing up and being shown movies, such as Beat Street and Breakdance, which opened my eyes. My mum took me to Brent Street, as it was the closest dance studio to our house when I was in primary school and I started learning "Hip Hop" which was really just Jazz. I also tried Tap for a while and although I enjoyed learning these styles I hadn't found what I was looking for.

In 2002, I found Dancekool and started learning Popping, the style I had seen in the movies, Beat Street and Breakdance. I learnt from Nate Mendelsohn aka 'Nacho Pop' who gave me many foundations I have today, as well as many great dancers from Japan who had travelled to Sydney, who I learnt from to get my foundations stronger. Around 2005 – 06, Suga Pop from the world famous Electric Boogaloo's had come to teach, I have been a student of his ever since taking as many workshops with him as I can when he tours Australia. Big inspirations have also been learning from Mr. Wiggles and Popin Pete who are also part of Electric Boogaloos.

Over the years I have taken workshops with some of the best dancers in the world such as Brian Green, Jr Boogaloo, Bionic, Kid Boogie, Frantick, Crazy kyo, Hozin, Aka kin, Pop kin, Storm, Poppin Hood, Greg Campbellock Jr, Gucchon, Buddha Stretch, Viho, Salah, Pop Bong, Lil steph and many more.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • 1st Place at Original Gangstas 1 on 1 Popping Competition in Singapore
  • Representing Australia at the Busan Korea 3v3 International Hip Hop Festival
  • Representing Australia at the Dance @ Live world final in Taipei Taiwan

Philosophy in Dance
"Feeling, enjoying, sharing and connecting with the music and people."

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I would like whoever takes my class to have a deeper understanding in the style of Popping as well as dance in general. Understanding the music and movement of your own body to the beat. I would like them to have a strong base of foundations, moves and the confidence to dance freely and create for themselves.

Instagram: @poppinjizzack
Youtube: stalebiskitz
Facebook: /poppinjack

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