Jessica Leung

Jessica Leung

Aka 'Jess'

Dance Style
Hip Hop is my first love, but I am also good friend with House and Locking. Waacking and Dancehall are my feisty sisters and Top Rocking is my crush. Salsa and Lindy Hop are new friends who are charming. Hip Hop and Groove concepts are what I teach/share at Dancekool. An easy orientation to the Street Dance culture, where you learn to dance for yourself and enjoy yourself with the most important element, is Music.

Dance Background
Throughout my Primary School days, I was one of many kids who tried to copy and mimic moves from infamous music video from Janet Jackson, TLC, Michael Jackson and various Chinese Pop singers. In High School, I had the opportunity to join the school dance group and learnt conventional Jazz dance from fellow students, which gave me the opportunity to perform at the Sydney 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony. After High School, I tried different places where they offered ‘Hip Hop’ classes, but something wasn’t right. It wasn’t until 2004 when I first stepped into Dancekool that I knew I’ve come to the right place. Starting with Hip Hop and Street Jazz, I later ventured into other styles and am still forever learning today, these include House, Locking, Waacking/ Punking and Top Rocking.

I entered my first battle in 2006 and have won a couple of 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 titles along the way. Participated in various dance crews such as Masaki’s Angels (2006), M.A.S.K. (2007), Doppelganger (2008), Shady Ladies (2009) and Funky Chow Mien (2011). Always taking workshops with respected international dancers and taking classes from peers.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Top 8 1on1 Hip Hop – Dancekool Vol. 24 (2009)
  • Winner Sydney Prelim AHC 2008 – Doppelganger
  • Winner 2on2 Hip Hop – 100% Raw 2 (2013) (Judge: Buddha Stretch)

Philosophy in Dance
‘Anybody can dance, just remember to let the music move you’

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
A baby must learn to stand, in order to walk and in order to run. Same sort of concept where I will show you the basics of getting to know the music, in order to dance with the music, and then style your dancing with the music. Hip Hop has its history and I will share its story with you. Relax, Have Fun and Be a better you.

Instagram: @jleungy 

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