Jihoon Jang

Jihoon Jang

Aka 'Jia'

Dance Style
I dance House. In my movement include some afro-inspired movement as well as isolation based on basic house moves and grooves. If you are not afraid to train hard, then we will get along very well.

Dance Background
My first style of dance was Street dance that included Hip Hop, Waacking and Street Jazz. 

I had major accident several years ago which cause a major leg injury. My ankle was almost too damaged to allow me to dance again but with persistence, patience and proper treatment it healed almost completely. As I got back into dancing, I felt very awkward moving on my legs. House dance is what helped get back in control. When I saw House dancers for the first time it looked they were flying. After training in House and learning from the best it helped me be more agile and more in control of my footwork and now I feel like I am lying when I dance House.

Philosophy in Dance
Feel the balance, respect your body and enjoy what you are doing.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
The most important thing is enjoy yourself and respect each other!

Instagram: @board42
Facebook: Jihoon Jang (Jia)

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