Johann Yong

Johann Yong

Aka 'Popping Johann'

Dance Style
The Style of dance i do is Popping. Popping itself has many different types of styles. I mainly like to teach pure Popping style as well as waving and animation. I like to share concepts within a style!

Dance Background
Most of my training is Self training.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Popping Nation MVP 2013
  • Dancekool’s Higher 8.0 Popping Winner
  • Dancekool’s 100% RAW 2015 All-Styles Runner up

Philosophy in Dance
Dance is a very long endless journey! Train hard, Study hard and make everything count. Do you remember why you started dancing in the first place? It’s because you love it. Nothing should stop you from dancing! Not even full time work or studying! KEEP ON DANCING no matter what! If 54 year old Popin Pete can POP harder than I can, then I wanna keep on dancing till I die!

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
Understanding the move/concept that is being learnt in the class and studying them. In popping, the various move/concept itself is just a starting point of creating something great! The students that really try their best will one day wake up and realise their progress of self development towards dance!

Instagram: @aux_johann
Facebook: /johannyong1

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