Karen Otero

Karen Otero

Aka 'Kaz'

Dance Style
I am currently teaching Popping. Popping is a funk style, which originates from Fresno, California in the mid 70’s. In its simplest description, it involves quick tension and relaxing of the muscles.

Dance Background
I have been dancing for 9 years to date, beginning my dance training at a Suburban PCYC. I was first exposed to dance through Breaking and learning the basics, but found my passion and turned my focus to Popping. Through training and battle experience, I was mentored by Danis Kool, as well as being inspired by my crew masters, Jack Wardana, Gene Tong, Keanu Wardana and Josh Sumarwata, known as SEAPUUOG, at the time. I was later exposed to and decided to learn more about Hip Hop and Waacking in 2010/2011 and House in 2014.

Performance, Battling and being a part of projects such as N2S, Go’d Artiz, I.H.O.W, Dancekool Ladies as well as with movement Team 9 Lives has all contributed to my growth, experience and training. Taking workshops by resident teachers in Sydney as well as lessons from international guests that are known amongst the global street dance community has helped me immensely.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Joseph Koo Concert 2012 (Back-Up Dance – Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong)
  • Taking 1st Place in a few local dance competitions
  • Back-Up Dancer Jessica Mauboy at Sydney Opera House for The Deadly Awards 2012

Philosophy in Dance
‘Make your aim to be the best ‘you’ you can be… not to be the best in comparison to others. Be adaptable as well as unpredictable. Unlock your capability/versatility by trying as many styles as you can and never start off by limiting yourself to what ‘style’ you do or what music you dance to.’

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I want people in my class to genuinely have the desire to learn and achieve progress. Your reason for taking class may be to become a better dancer or for fun or fitness. I want them be able to enjoy it, gain confidence and be able to get creative in the dance/movement. I want them to walk out of class being able to remember at least one thing.

Instagram: @instakaz88
Youtube: Kaztube88
Facebook: Karen.Otero.88@facebook.com

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