Katerina Novotna

Katerina Novotna

Aka 'Kat'

Dance Style
My style is very eclectic. I teach a range of styles at Dancekool from such as Street Jazz, House Fusion, Hip Hop and Progressive. Some of these styles I bring from my motherland Czech Republic.

Dance Background
I have more than 20 years of dance experience and it all began with my first teacher Victoria Brno where I was trained in Jazz, Show Girls and Disco. My first dance company was Ego DMC dancer the team leader. With this group we won many international competitions and many projects in dance theatre. When I moved to Prague I became a member of Xstyle Europe dance group where I fell in love with House Dance and Vogue.

All my life, I try to learn new dance styles. My favourite dance styles are Progressive, House Dance, Vogue and Old School Hip Hop.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Choreographer for show ‘The Light’ (St George Christian School, Sydney)
  • National Championship in Freestyle Show 2013 Czech Republic (1st Place)
  • World Championship in Street dance show 2008, Slovakia (1st place)

Philosophy in Dance
Dance… if you love it and to make other people happy. Love and Dance! Dance is the amazing connection with people and also my passion and my lifestyle.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I try to make my classes interesting and original every time. My students must feel happy from dancing and I believe they can feel improvement as well. I am super crazy and energetic in my class.

Instagram: @katerina_kat_novotna
Youtube: Kateřina Novotná
Facebook: /katerina.novotna.5205

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