Lenny Choy Fung

Lenny Choy Fung

Aka 'LennyBoi'

Dance Style
In my 25 years of dancing I have learnt Jazz, Tap , Dancehall, Locking, Popping and Hip Hop. But in the past 10 years I have focused my energy on Hip Hop and choreography. Dance is music that you can see, so my classes are always different depending on the feel of each song.

Dance Background
Dance is an exciting way to get fit and healthy and get the adrenaline pumping so at the age of 6 I took my first dance class and learnt some African tribal pieces, which then led me to take on Jazz and Tap for several years. I began learning Popping, Locking and Hip Hop in 2002 and traveled to London, Hong Kong, Taiwan and U.S.A to expand my knowledge on the global scene. In 2005 I began teaching at D2MG Studio and formed my first crew called Karma Krew. I have consistently travelled abroad to take classes to further my dance training and repertoire and continually aim to inspire and create new dancers who appreciate and love movement.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Founder & Creator of Dance Generation Studios - 2008
  • Director of Karma Krew, DoppelGangers, CodeXCrew & dGen
  • Founder of the CODE - Dance Battles

Philosophy in Dance
My Philosophy on dance is that it should always be fun. Do what you love, and love what you do so you can Dance First & Think Later. Dance to express not to impress and remember to always be inspired to create something new.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I want people to achieve something new in a class with me. In the short time of 60-minutes my job as a teacher is to ensure that you take away something that you didn't know before you walked in. Whether your aim is to take class for fitness, to let off some steam, forget your worries or to make dance your professional career, I will ensure you have a great time and learn something fresh.

Instagram: @lennyboisterous 
Twitter: @lennyboisterous
Facebook: facebook.com/lennyboisterous

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