Lionel Lye

Lionel Lye

Dance Style
Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Ethnic Fusion Dance, K-Pop, Bollywood, Dancehall and Waacking

Dance Background
I did Gymnastics and Chinese dance as a kid. I later trained in Jazz for 3 years with Hip Hop on the side for about a year. I found my love in the commercial genre fusing Hip Hop and Jazz now more commonly known as JFH or Street Jazz. I was trained in many genres such as Ballet, Bollywood, Modern and Contemporary throughout the last 12 years. I also learnt from internationally by teachers from Japan, USA, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and many more during my formation years. I was also in a couple of dance crews that took part in competitions entering as finalist in most. I also had the chance to pick up choreography and dance training skills as a full time commercial dance in Singapore learning from top commercial choreographers in the industry travelling all over Asia.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Being a very diversified and versatile dancer and dance instructor
  • Fulfilled my dreams in becoming a full time commercial dancer for two years in Singapore on an international level.
  • Being able to impart my dance passion and knowledge and share my choreography to students of all ages in Singapore and in Sydney.

Philosophy in Dance
Be open to all styles of dance and embrace the differences. You will be surprised with the different things you can learn.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I am quite a serious dancer and teacher as I have been trained that way in my dance career so I want my students to really be able to grasp not only choreography but also the musicality and execution of movements. I am also very detailed oriented when it comes to class and performance. That being said, we all dance to have fun so no pressure as this is not a performance class.

Instagram: @Lionelzzzz
Youtube: Lyeonal Ka
Facebook: /lionel.zhenghaolye

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