Lisa Teng

Lisa Teng

Dance Style
Over the years of dancing I’ve been doing a variety of styles from hip Hop, JFH all the way to traditional Chinese and Dun Huang dancing. During the course of learning these style, and to this day, I explore other dance styles to learn more ways of movements so it becomes part of the dance.

Dance Background
Dancing for as long as I can remember, my dance training started from learning traditional Chinese styles dances from what is known as Ming Zhu Wu Dao. From 2004 onwards, I was introduced to Hip Hop and learnt from our teachers who were in the sense, our older brothers and sisters. We trained by taking classes from all sorts of teachers around Sydney and international teachers who came down to share their art. Since 2009 I’ve also trained with my dance crew Dgen who have regularly competed and performed in Hip Hop crew competitions and varying events. Working in the crew, I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience in putting together performances, assisting in choreography, artistic direction and coaching.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • 3rd place at ADCC Sydney 2014 with dGen (Dancer)
  • 1st in Sydney Battlegrounds 2014 with Fetch (Choreographer/Dancer)
  • Nan Tien institute official grand opening performance 2015 (Choreographer/Dancer)

Philosophy in Dance
Dance helps us express through movement. It’s a language we can use that is universal to all people.  When you grow up with this language, you train to educate yourself so you are able to articulate yourself in more ways.  No matter what stage you are at we can always strive to be better and to learn more, both about ourselves and from each other.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
First and foremost, have fun! Even though everyone has different goals and expectations from class I hope everyone can make the most of it, to feel comfortable and welcomed so they can just be themselves as we dance our hearts out. Hopefully they can take a little piece of happiness home with them and leave class with a smile.

Instagram: @lisatengteng
Facebook: /lisatengskies

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