Masaki Kikuchi

Masaki Kikuchi

Dance Style
I live and breathe Hip Hop. I believe all hip hop dancers must know the foundations of Hip Hop.

Dance Background
Masaki Kikuchi has attained over two decades of dance experience. Born and raised in Tokyo, Masaki has been learning various elements of Hip Hop Culture. Started as a DJ in Tokyo, Masaki was also attracted to styles of street dance including Hip Hop, Locking, Boogaloo Popping, House, Reggae and New Jack Swing. Masaki felt the need to travel overseas, as experiencing cultures is the most important factor that defines one's flavor in a style of dancing. He has been travelling around the globe in attempt to experience differences in culture to bring back to Sydney, Australia. Being in Australia for almost a decade, Masaki not only taught many successful dancers but also has teaching experience at high schools and dance studios in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Korea and Japan.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • TV Commercials (Vodafone, Johnny Walker, Channel V, Samsung, Puma etc.)
  • Music Videos (Ramos D-Artist, Guy Sebastian, Folder Five and many more)
  • Concert / Tours (Star City, Conrad Jupiters, AND1)

Philosophy in Dance
Learn the History of the style you want to do. From the very beginning hip hop changed my life and has become my lifestyle. Music is the most important element in dance. Stay true to it.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
It's important to know the culture of Hip Hop. It originated from having fun, socialising and experimenting! My objective when I teach is for my students to understand this concept of Hip Hop so they can have their own style. I like to build their confidence enough so they are able to freestyle and perform.

Instagram: @masakick602
Youtube: MrMasakiDance
Facebook: /masaki.kikuchi.52

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