Vince De Marco

Vince De Marco

 Aka 'Vinnie'

Dance Style
I mostly teach Hip Hop, Freestyle and Grooves. Over the years I have taken lots of classes, had a lot of mentors in many different styles but I am best known for my natural groove in Hip Hop.

Dance Background
At the start of my dance career, I was inspired by many influences and was a self-taught dancer. Soon after finding my passion, I went to Brent Street School of Arts at the age of six and studied there extensively, then took a long break for many years.

As I transitioned back into dancing, I found a studio called Body Beats and started taking Hip Hop classes which rekindled my passion for dance again. I later found Dance generation Studios and Dancekool and believe I have found my family and I love sharing and experiencing dance with this community.

Top 3 Career Achievements

  • Being a key member in the D-Gen (Opens Team) for Dance Generation.
  • Dancer / Actor for D.Mo’s Concept Music Video ‘T!K T!K Boom!’
  • Creating and sharing my own masterpiece choreographic concept videos.

Philosophy in Dance
‘Dance is the thing that saved me. It saved my life.’

What do you want your students to get out of your class?
I want my students to walk out feeling like they have heard new sounds in the music they could not hear before. I am big on musicality. Whether it be a beat, a lyric or a some sound, I hope to translate the sound in the bodies. I love music.

YouTube: Vince DeMarco
Facebook: /vince.demarco1

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